Nun or Julia Roberts in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’?

So this past week and weekend have been quite busy. I fine-polished my survey and am now working on translating it to Spanish (yikes it’s hard- but I have help). I went to a Feria- aka Farmer’s Market with my ‘family’ -where you can buy all types of vegetables, fruit, fish, rip off DVDs, etc. Afterwards we went  to the Mall (yes they have those here and they are HUGE— very American and so on…blah). We stopped in the ‘Home and Garden’ section- Karen L-O-V-E-S plants, gardens, trees, and can spend a good time deciding on what kind of plant she wants (this took a good 45 minutes) :), afterwards some general ‘shopping’ but this lasted about 30 minutes before everyone got fed up and hungry.

Picking up on that food note. Food here is fantastic ( at home and at friends at least).  I’ve been introduced to so many new things that  I love, and my love for avocados continues to grow and grow (I think I  eat one per day or at least every other day).


1. Chirimoya ( a fruit that looks kinda of like an avocado but with tons of seeds, it’s much bigger and well, it’s a fruit) you eat this with orange juice in a bowl. It’s good- Mark Twain even called it ‘the most delicious fruit known to man’ (yes I googled).

2. Avocado (Palta)  filled with tuna. (Did I mention I love Palta?). Just a fantastic combo that spices up things. ( Also palta on toast for breakfast has become a recent fav.)

3. Beets. You are probably thinking- ‘ Beets?, Emma? Really?’- well yes. Here they don’t have an association with ‘Thanksgiving’ or ‘ Pyttipanna’- you eat them in salad and I just think they make everything taste so much better.

4. Fresh fish- yes- Fresh fish does exist in Sweden and the USA but I am also working with these Caletas and I feel that there is a difference having fish cleaned and prepared infront of you (and outside) and then going home and cooking it. Mmmm or Mums!

5. Pisco sour. A type of brandy called Pisco, with sugar and lemon or lime juice. Or Piscola aka pisco and cola. Oh la la. This you can buy at any bar and it even comes pre-mixed with different tastes such as Mango.

In general I feel that I’m turning into Julia Roberts or ‘Liz’ in ‘ Eat, Pray, Love’ because I eat everything (don’t worry yoga and walking everywhere is saving me)… and everything is so good. Well either Julia Roberts or a Nun…

So as I said before, I’m learning how to knit. And to my surprise, and Grandma’s I’m actually good at it. I’m almost done with my hat- which is purple and teal (lovely colours) and I’ll be posting pictures when I’m finished. (ps get your orders in now for Christmas- I may be able to make you something- say  a scarf, or hat, or hmmm gloves?). Besides the knitting, I listen to classical music and opera alot because well- Sergio blasts it in the apartment so thus it’s a bit hard to avoid. So instead of going out every night (don’t worry I do somtimes..)- I knit, do yoga, and listen to opera – I’m not sure  ‘nun’ is the correct word- more like ‘modern-day hermit’ or something…ideas?

And yes- I went out. Saturday I met up with some friends- drank pisco sour and ron y coke. Then on to a club aka ‘underground bar’ with fun music and drinks. I got home around 5:30. Super bueno, however Sunday I spent sleeping a lot, and then I went with my ‘family’ to see ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (hence the mention- still fresh in my mind), and something else interesting (obviously food related)- popcorn(in the movie theaters) is covered with sugar here- not salt and butter.

Until next week. Besitos!

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Vino, Dominos, Knitting- Not Necessarily in that Order…

So now its October in Chile— this usually means warmer weather and sun. However, this October has been anything but… it has been colder than usual and its been raining. So instead of feeling that I’m in Santiago and it’s SPRING, it feels like I’m in Stockholm  (or Pennsylvania) and it’s FALL. Not Okay.  But besides the ‘not so fantastic’ weather, Chile is getting better and better.

This past week I’ve spent finishing up a questionnaire I’ll be using in the field, which hopefully, in about a week or two, I’ll  actually start doing the real ‘research’.  For those of you who need a little bit of an update or refresher for what I’m actually doing in Chile, here ya go:

I’m  here to research/understand how these fishing organizations, Caletas (check the pictures), actually work internally.I’ll be using an approach called Social Network Analysis (in one part of the study)- this simply means I’ll be trying to understand different networks within these organizations. Networks based on communication on the Caleta level (issues, problems etc), Ecological Knowledge between members (what they know about the resource), Trust (who do you  go to if you have a problem) and lastly Occupation Dependency- ( who you depend on or does someone depend on you for things…gears, boats, supplies etc)…. and from these networks key individuals will become more apparent.

Another part of the study (also part of the questionnaire) involves asking members about satisfaction, attitudes, perceptions &  views about the Caleta, and rules &  sanctions. All of which somehow tie into the idea of Social Captial. Social Capital involves aspects of trust, rules and sanctions, and connectedness within groups. This idea is found to help organizations coordinate and cooperate to a common mutual goal or benefit.  Thus I will also be evaluating and understanding these perspectives within the Caletas.

Lastly,  I will go back and interview these key individuals which may be formal leaders such as presidents or vice-presidents of these organizations or they may also be informal leaders- or people that members go to or trust with different issues. And speak to them more specifically on their views, ideals, and goals for the Caleta as well as other things (still working on the details… ).

I hope that makes a bit more sense 🙂   Its a lot of work, but I am learning a TON!

This weekend I spent celebrating a friends birthday, and then going to El Quisco with my ‘family’ aka Karen, Sergio, Grandma, and Stefan’s family–where I drank wine, learned how to play dominos and pokemon, ate fish eggs with butter, learned how to knit (well knit and pearl stitch– I’ve actually started on a hat!), and read. Overall a pretty great weekend, even if the weather was so so.


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