Sailing + Crayfish = AWESOME

So this past weekend we (Fredrik and I) went sailing with a fab crew and one of my favorite badass couples : Andrew and Gurly (Yes, I really do like you guys that much).

Our sailing adventure started off on Friday evening and continued until Sunday evening.

Here are some of the BEST moments with photos of course.

1. It was cold. Andrew wore a furry hat.

Andrew is gangsta

2. We did have beer. 3. Fredrik. Love the look.

4. We made crayfish party hats.

5. They did the ‘lets intertwine arms and drink beer thing”

6. We ate crayfish. It was good.

7.  Mattias made the best hat. I wish I had his skills.

8. We sailed back to Stockholm.

9. We were ‘kinda’ close to a big ship.

10. Alright, not that close. But it was exciting.

11. Hi Autumn!

As you can see- it was fun, adventurous, and really cold. No more sailing for this year- but I can say that I’m excited about next year. Yes- even with 4 layers of clothing.

……Here’s a new (new as in new to me) band I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with.