Sailing, Summer and the USA.

Wooooo. And I’m BACK. Why? I realized that I missed writing down a little weekly update about what actually happens in my “o so exciting” life but by not using “check-ins” (yes, I might also use this Facebook tool from time to time) to do it. And here I can be a little bit more creative.

Well,  we’ll give it a go either way.

So what did summer 2012 involve? Here’s a little re-cap:

1. Ending my job as an International Student Coordinator at Stockholm Uni. Student Union, thus being “between jobs” as I like to put it.

2. Pappa Björn came to Sweden – during the summer for the first time in forever. It was fun.

3. I went to the USA – for a month. It was better- and so was Vegas (with Carli, Camille, and Kristyn- could you ask for a better crew) and warm weather and sun. 100% REAL American summer.

4. I’m getting better at sailing. It helps when you have a very handsome/talented/patient teacher.

5. I’ve become a full-time yoga guru. So now when someone new asks what I do I say: “Oh, I’m a yoga instructor”. It sounds totally rad. (Did I mention that I’m starting to teach kid yoga…. more updates on that soon.)

6.Oooooh and I can almost drive – a manuel. “Almost”, and I have a bike, though I’m still working on getting off the island of Lidingö with the bike. Baby steps right?

And a new fav video & song

More to come soon…